As it is pointed out in item 5 of Language Preparatory Rules and Regulations, the main aim of the Schoolof Foreign Languagesat SüleymanDemirelUniversityis to train students according to the curriculum accepted by the school, which will enable them to understand the topics they read and hear to express themselves adequately in written and oral language. The language taught in preparatory classes is English. Along with this, German is taught to the students of the Archeology department at the Faculty of Science and Arts, and Arabic to the students of the Schoolof Divinity. If necessary, other foreign languages can also be taught at our school.


The other aims of the Schoolof Foreign Languagesare:

To establish an environment allowing the students to develop grammar and their academic skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

To enable the students to use English outside school and encourage them to socialize in different spheres of life.

To instruct them in terms of arranging the studies directed towards language learning.