Activities for Students

Listening&Speaking support Unit

Speaking support unit is a unit that was set up in the structure of School of Foreign Languages and it promotes English education. Apart from classes, all English preparation class students are able to join this activity that takes one hour  a week. The activity takes place in classrooms of School of Foreign Languages building, every Wednesday at 15:30. These activities are pursued alternately by our instructors in charge. Besides our students, sometimes international Erasmus students and a native speaker instructor participate in speaking unit. Activities  consist of truly volunteer students and instructors. Participants are not obliged to register or pay any fee beforehand to attend these speaking activities.

Every Wednesday,  the goal of the activities of which topic is prepared and  announced in advance  by our instructors is intented to develop students’ self explanation skills in target language and  supply their need of English language practice out of the classes. In these activities,the topics are  determined and announced  beforehand and students try to Express their ideas about the topics that will promote their productive speaking skills working in pairs, groups or interactively. In the group, our instructors are present to support and direct the participants. Speaking support unit also  helps participants develop their reading and writing skills as they read, listen and comment on written and verbal materials such as daily advertisements, headlines, short movies, movies about the related topic.


Reading&Writing support unit

Reading and writing support unit is a extracurricular unit that supports English education. The main goal of this unit is to perform activities that make difference and contribute positively to foreign language learners’ attainment of A2 and B1 level reading writing skill considering European Language Portfolio Regulations. An effective learning environment is created by utilising learner centered and technologically supported methods that are enriched by various visual and auditory materials. Group Works simply in target language are carried out in order to change participants’ Outlook on Learning English in a positive way, to encourage them to be lingually productive, to help them develop their self-confidence. Many kinds of multidirectional sources such as English newspapers, story, advertisement, brochures, short film, cv, letter are utilised in these acitvities. Many opportunities are created not only for the improvement of reading and writing skills but also for the imrovement of listening and speaking skills.

The support unit is prepared and carried out by our preparation class instructors alternately. The presentation of the activities, the development, adaptation and practice of materials are done by the instructor in charge. Besides making particular presentations that support the improvement of academic and daily use of target language to the participants, the instructor hands out worksheet, notes and makes them do some exercises.

In the learning process  that depends on the weekly objective of the activity, the instructor does the necessary guidance as an advisor, an observer, also as an evaluater  in one-to one interaction.

The support unit activities are available and free to all voluntarily participant students that receive English preparation education. The students do not need pre-registration, membership, or appointment. Activities are practised on previously announced Wednesdays at 15:30, in the classroom A310 of School of Foreign Languages in the Central Classrooms building as long as the courses continue. Announcements can be followed on the bulletin board or TV on the administration floor.


Extracirrucular activities

Extra cirrucular activities enable students to practice the skills ( like speaking and writing) they learn in the class  in daily life. The instructors assist the students in the time frame determinated by the School of Foreign Languages. These activities give the students the opportunity of applying their theoretical knowledge they learn in the class in an enjoyable way by increasing their language learning motivation.

Moreover, students sometimes avoid speaking English in the classroom environment as they feel shy. Students get used to explaining their ideas in English and decrease their anxiety with these activities. These activities are completely based on voluntariness and any student who wants to participate can join.


Bulletin Board

The students are informed about the activities that they can join by this bulletin board. It is organized twice a month. Reading&writing unit, listening& speaking unit and comics and students’ paragraphs take place on this bulletin board. Our important national days appear on this board so that students can understand English vocabulary about their country and culture. The information and activities that are presented on the board are organized not only by the instructors but also with the participation of students.