1- PREPARATORY DIVISION PROFICIENCY AND PLACEMENT EXAM: At the beginning of each academic year, the students who have foreign language proficiency yet enrolled in programs with compulsory foreign language preparatory education are required to take this exam if they want to be exempt from this compulsory education. In addition, this exam is held with the aim of creating a homogeneous learning environment for the students who want to receive optional foreign language preparatory education and for the students whose foreign language levels require compulsory preparatory education. Students' language skills such as grammar, vocabulary, reading and reading comprehension are evaluated with a multiple-choice exam. Students who score 70 or more in the exam are exempt from compulsory foreign language preparatory education and continue their undergraduate or associate degree programs. Students who score less than 70 points in the exam are placed in classes suitable for their level according to their score range.

2- MIDTERM EXAMS: One-year preparatory education consists of four semesters and one midterm exam is held each semester. In the midterm exams, reading, writing, listening, productive and communicative speaking skills of students are evaluated with exams held in separate sessions.

3- QUIZZES: These are surprise quizzes to assess and evaluate the development of students' language skills during the compulsory preparatory education and to provide permanent and efficient learning by revising the program when necessary. The date and time of the surprise quizzes are not announced in advance and there is no make-up quiz for those students who cannot take any surprise quiz for any reason.

4- FINAL EXAM: It is an exam which is held at the end of each academic year to evaluate reading, writing, listening, productive and communicative speaking skills of students who have taken one-year compulsory preparatory education. Only the students who have an annual success grade of 50 and above and who do not need to repeat a year due to absenteeism can take this exam.

5- MAKE-UP EXAM: It is a second final exam for those students who are eligible to take the final exam but cannot get a valid grade in the final exam.