Mission Statement & Vision


We provide a learning environment for students which ensures they attain the level of B1 ( defined by CEFR )in English necessary to continue their studies in the Schools and Faculties at Suleyman Demirel  University and supports the further development of their English language and study skills throughout their study in the university.

We have developed all teaching and learning activities, tools and learning environments in every unit of School of Foreign Languages in line with the general vision of the University and contemporary international qualities so that the students could gain utmost benefit from the English Language education they recieve both in their departments and other parts of their lives.



School of Foreign Languages

-          offers a one-year education program which aims at enabling the students to be able to develop the required qualifications, skills and confidence they need both in their professional and social lives and helping them to use and improve  the target language effectively.

-          prepares young minds to communicate and catch up with rapidly changing global trends.