The main objective of Suleyman Demirel University Preparatory School, as stated in Article 5 of the Education and Exam Regulations, is to enable the students to acquire the ability to understand and comprehend what they hear and read on their subjects, and to express themselves adequately in written and oral contexts in the foreign language envisaged by the education-training programs they have enrolled in. The target language in preparatory school is English. Besides, German courses for the students in  the department of Archeology in the Faculty of Science and Letters and Arabic courses for Faculty of Theology are offered. When demanded,  courses in other languages can be opened.

The other objectives of SFL Preparatory School are as follows;

To provide the students with the learning environment which ensures they attain the level of proficiency in English ( in reading, listening, writing, speaking) necessary to continue their studies in the Schools and Faculties at Suleyman Demirel University.

To enable them to acquire the necessary skills to be able to express themselves and Exchange information in different environments ( business, social) where English is used as a communication tool.

To support the students in gaining the study skills necessary to organize studies for language learning.