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In the beginning of every academic year, students, who have a compulsory foreign language education program, take an examination to exempt them from the foreign language education program if they are proficient in a foreign language. Also, this exam encourages students, who want to take English preparatory training, and students who have to take the compulsory foreign language education program to learn English in a condusive environment. The exam is composed of multiple choice questions to determine the level of students’ grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.Students who get a minimum score of 70 out of 100 points and above in the examwill be exempt from a foreign language education program and will be able to attend their associate degree programs or undergraduate programs. Students who have not achieved the specified minimum score on the proficiency exam are placed at appropriate levels in the foreign language education program.



The Preparatory Programme is made up of four and a half years and there is a mid-term exam in every half year. The exam consists of the following sections: reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. The examinations are held in separate sessions.


3. POP QUIZ:      

During the compulsory foreign language education programme, some pop quizzes (short tests) which show the developments of language skillsare given without any warning, in order to check whether students have been studying. Also, there can be new regulations according to these exam results.Students who do not take a pop quiz on the specified date cannot take it subsequently. There are no make-up pop quizzes.



If the students’ GPA scores are a minimum score of 50 out of 100 points in all of the exams during the year and there is no problem about their participation in class, they can attend the final exam to test their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.



The make-up exam is a second-chance examination which any students who have failed the final exam can take at a later time.